While we always strive to find a space large enough to accommodate as many Coaches as possible, there are limits with a group of our size. These limits require that we put steps in place to ensure invitations are issued in a fair and well-deserving way. Please review the steps below to see how you can receive an invite to register.

1 Be a top 2017 Success Club point earner

2 Add your name to the Opt-in List here

3 Check the Leaderboard to see where you rank

Important to Note

The following qualified Coaches will automatically receive an invitation to register for the trip, see FAQ 9944 for complete details: 2018 Elite, 2018 Premiere, Active All-Star Legends as of 12/21/17, Paid 5 Star Diamonds in December who are also Active-All Stars as of 12/31/17, the Top 100 2017 Success Starters, New Team Leaders in 2017, the Top 50 UK Success Club Earners as of 12/31/17.

Opt-In Leaderboard
The Leaderboard includes the current top 5,000 2017 Success Club Point earners who have also joined the Opt-In list. This Leaderboard will be updated the second Friday of every month. Please note that being in the top 5,000 on the Leaderboard does not guarantee an invitation—it is only a reference point for Coaches to view where they currently stand in line for a potential invitation. As vacancies open throughout the year (due to cancellations), we will continue to send out invitations and move past the 5,000 mark if need be.